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“Hybrid propulsion is any vehicle propulsion system that includes two or more sources of propulsion in one design, usually which can be used either together or alternately.”

In other words, failing (up today) the electric motor to offer alone the wanted performances, one or more propulsion sources are integrated together with it to move the vehicle with acceptable range extension and range restoring.

The case system adopts a Complex/Hybrid architecture, where thermal and electric lines are connected by an electric motor, providing power flow bidirectionality; this motor can be either used as a generator to charge the battery or as a booster to the thermal engine.

Operating Modalities

  1. Mode A: Electric motor as starter. The electric motor becomes the starter of the IC engine.
  2. Mode B: Regular flight. Only the IC engine provides energy to the propeller.
  3. Mode C: Electric flight. Only the electric motor provides energy to the propeller.
  4. Mode D: Hybrid flight. Both IC engine and electric motor provide energy to the propeller.
  5. Mode E: Battery charging. Anytime IC engine can provide energy to the batteries pack.
  6. Mode F: Thrust reversal. The electric motor can add energy in reversing the thrust.