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PROSPECTS 5.0 will develop, implement and validate smart study research. The overall design of the study proposed by PROSPECTS 5.0 will be well-deliberated and founded in a coherent framework, taking into account multi-sectorial, multi-stakeholders and multidisciplinary approaches, and considering human aspects. The proposed methodology is designed to be concrete and feasible within the project timeline, with a comprehensive analysis of each case to determine all relevant characteristics.

The PROSPECTS 5.0 methodological framework will be focused on 4 main methodological phases:

Phase 1

Exploration: Creation of Industry 5.0 Community of Interest (I5.C)

Phase 2

Development: Creation of the Industry 5.0 Assessment Framework (I5.AF), WP1,2,3

Phase 3

Implementation and evaluation: Understanding and evaluating real-life experiences of Industry 5.0 implementation

Phase 4

Knowledge consolidation and transferring: Consolidating, diffusing, spreading lessons learned and the PROSPECTS5.0 knowledge

Work Packages