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CAMELEO is a family-owned company manufacturing paints and decorative plasters and selling them to customers all over the world. The products are innovative in structure and design, provide for a wide range of colours and decorative effects, thus delivering exceptional solutions for designers. The products require specific application procedures.

CAMELEO plans to use VR technology to support (i) the remote sales process (mainly directed at designers), and (ii) the remote training of contractors applying the products at clients’ sites.

(i) In order to support the remote sales process a studio with different CAMELEO products applied will be built. It will be equipped with cameras for image transfer. The customers, using VR googles will be able to remotely walk through the site and experience the effects of the various colours and structures. Functional tests and analysis of recipient impressions will be conducted.

(ii) Clients’ contractors teams, also using VR googles, will be able to closely assist trainings on the application of CAMELEO products. Two options are being considered: pre-registered and live trainings.