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SMARALD has an objective to use advanced technologies and digital systems such as autonomous robots, collaborative robots (cobots), and advanced data analytics to improve customization, efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process specifically in jewellery production.

This use case involves advanced manufacturing processes for customized jewellery products using autonomous and collaborative robots and advanced data analytics. The company has a strategy to includes CAD design, 3D printing, robot collection of printed pieces, assembly, mould making, casting, final assembly, cutting, welding, stone setting, polishing, finishing, and packing. The ultimate goal is to establish a fully automated, jewellery factory capable of executing customized orders with minimal human intervention. By leveraging cutting-edge robotics and software. SMARALD seeks to redefine the jewellery manufacturing industry, making personalized jewellery more accessible and efficiently produced. Customers can create personalized jewellery designs online, which are then automatically converted into STL files ready for 3D printing. The proposed system utilizes an array of interconnected equipment and robots, each specialized for different stages of the jewellery-making process, from 3D printing and mould making to casting, assembly, and finishing.

Key Equipment and Technology:

Design Software: 3Design CAD

3D Printers: SolidScape S360, DWS with resin and cluster resin tree. MJP 2500W

Kuka and UR Robots: UR 10, UR 5, UR 3, KUKA Robots

Casting and Finishing Machines: Galloni, Indutherm

Integrated Sensors and Control Software: